Don't wait for opportunity. Create it.

We are Family

Tanasan Systems is more than an IT provider, we are also in the business of applying modern technology to all aspects of our work. If you are interested in IT with a mindset to learn new things and would like to improve your professional skills, we are ready to provide opportunities for anyone who would like to join our family. We are determined to always be progressive in developing our systems and professional in conducting our business. We also encourage our team to always show and develop abilities & capabilities that will complement our business and what we offer our clients.

We are expanding our team to be more advanced in our systems when taking on new challenges.

Tanasan Systems have been operational for an extensive period of time and we continuously aim to expand the scope of our business within IT systems to forge customer service satisfaction without limitations. We develop new experiences that are trendy which includes applying new technologies for maximum benefit because we believe the world does not stop spinning, so we should not stop developing.

Skill Development

Education & Training
Developmantal Experiences
Resources & Tools

Employee benefits for all positions:

– Considerable salary adjustment based on performance, experience and ability
– End of year Bonus
– Performance based salary increase (The quicker you improve the faster you benefit)
– Long Service Award
– Medical Insurance
– Annual holidays: according to performance and constituted company policy
– Annual health check
– Annual travel (According to performance)
– Celebration parties according to the occasion
– Employee team building Leisure / sports activities
– Personal Training & Employment tuition fees
– Discount on the purchase of Company products